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Report says new version of the Nintendo Switch coming next year

Nintendo is reportedly planning to reveal a new version of the Nintendo Switch next year.

This comes from the Wall Street Journal (paywall), with the site suggesting that the updated console could make its debut in the second half of 2019.

It’s only been 18 months since the Japanese company first revealed the Nintendo Switch, so it is a bit unclear as to why they’ve chosen to update the hybrid console.

The WSJ report is also vague in terms of details and reported specifications for the update Nintendo Switch, which leads us to believe that if it is indeed getting a refresh with minimal changes.

Nintendo has a history of keeping overhauls of its gaming hardware relatively simply with each new iteration, and the same will most likely take place for the rumoured Switch version.

As for what Nintendo will change on the Switch remains to be seen, with the console portion of the device fairly solid in terms of design. There is, however, room for improvement on the Joy-Con controllers and display of the Switch.

As such those elements could indeed be getting an improvement.

With only WSJ reporting on this for the moment, we’ll have to wait until other outlets start saying the same before we fully jump onto the Nintendo Switch update train.

If Nintendo wants to improve the Switch, we suggest looking at the software first before giving the hardware an update.

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