Dimension Data has published its Tech Trends 2019 report in which the company identifies industry trends which may ultimately shape the tech landscape next year.

This year saw great strides in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cybersecurity and these technologies – as well as others – will continue to grow into the next year.

The application of disruptive technologies is becoming more pervasive and their adoption is growing steadily. We’ll see the most innovative companies showing off truly impactful examples of digital transformation in action in 2019 with many more coming to the market over the next three years,” says group chief technology officer at Dimension Data, Ettienne Reinecke.

So according to Dimension Data, what will the tech landscape look like in 2019?

Increased adoption of innovative tech

Technology such as blockchain, AI, ML, virtual and augmented reality and robotics will see increased uptake in 2019 according to Dimension Data. One of the contributing reasons for this is that these technologies are becoming more accessible.

Vendors including Amazon, Microsoft and Google are embedding these technologies into their platforms. This ease of access is helped along by affordable costing

Blockchain will see increased use but not as a cryptocurrency. Rather, Dimension Data says that identity management will move into a blockchain environment.

Firms like Gemalto have already begun testing blockchain as a way to manage identity and following the forecast from Dimension Data we may see more of this in 2019.

A rise in platform enabled services

Agility has become a mainstay of business and that won’t change as the calendar flips.

“Platform enabled services are now critical to empower standardisation and scale for service offers and delivery models. As their IT environments become more diverse, companies will rely on more standardisation in service management – and they’re increasingly achieving this by using partners who deliver platform-based service management,” says Dimension Data in its report.

This need for agility is largely being driven by regulation and security threats. Companies must be able to adapt to these ever changing climates and platform enabled services allow for that.

Dimension Data also believes that services providers will rethink how they bring managed services to market. This thinking will be influenced through:

  • companies moving away from single tower services towards Full Stack service providers
  • an increase in popularity of adoption-based contracts
  • consulting services
  • Client Success Management

The firm also says that organisations offering transformative services with a view to rapid digital transformation will be in high demand in the next year.

An engaging, digital workplace

AI together with ML will be used widely by IT teams in 2019 to improve the workplace.

Applications will become more intelligent and as a result business processes will be streamlined.

Companies will also be able to leverage data from multiple sources including building occupancy, weather, heating and cooling to save energy and optimise the physical space.

Cybersecurity will lead decision-making processes

As cybercrime continues to evolve so will cybersecurity strategies.

In the coming year risk profiling will become more intelligence driven and machine learning will play a vital role in gathering that intelligence. Machines will eventually evolve to a point where they execute changes automatically to mitigate risk.

“There is also a change in mindset happening across organisations regarding the security level of the tech they use. Previously, businesses deployed technologies and treated security as an afterthought. Now, business leaders are recognising their solutions must be secure by design and aligned to their overall business goals,” says Dimension Data.

Business processes shaped by customer experience

Businesses have been focused on adopting new innovative technologies but in the new year more companies will cultivate business processes around customer experience.

In 2019 more companies will realise the power and practicality of ready-made platforms.

Dimension Data also believes that profitability from the Internet of Things will accelerate. The firm says that projects which leverage the data garnered through IoT produce actual financial improvements and more businesses will start to realise this.

Growth of business-to-business trading platforms is also on the cards and CRM systems that feature AI and ML will allow consumers to connect directly into a business’s supply chain through a mobile app.

Making it easier to bring customers and products and services together sounds like a great thing for all.

A more personalised customer experience

Automation, AI, ML and data will help improve services for customers. Rather than approaching customer experience like a mass service Dimension Data believes a more proactive and personalised approach will become popular in 2019.

“The knock-on effect from the increase in automation and increase in data is the complexity of managing data within organisations. Their ability to capture, process, govern and analyse data must evolve rapidly. We expect in the coming year that businesses will address this issue by accessing data management skills as part of a managed service,” says the firm.

Speedy data architecture

Businesses will, in the next year, build their data management capabilities to capture, store, move and secure their data more efficiently.

Better integration between application outcomes and infrastructure management will become vital if it isn’t already.

Dimension Data also says business will continue to seek out ways to exploit infrastructure to deliver faster application outcomes.

The full Technology Trends for 2019 report from Dimension Data can be found here.

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