5G smartphones are going to be a thing in 2019, with Chinese companies like Huawei and OnePlus outlining their plans to have 5G-capable phones ready to purchase some time next year.

What about other manufacturers like Apple then?

Well a source at Fast Company says Apple might be a little behind the pack when it comes to 5G-sporting phones with one reportedly scheduled for 2020.

The reason why Apple will only be ready a year later than its competitors is the fact that its phone will be using Intel tech for its 5G modems. The modem it’s planning to use is the 8161 model, with the current 8060 chipset being tested out at the moment yielding quite a few heat issues.

According to those close to the project said test chipset is producing a high amount of heat as it is struggling to deliver the required millimetre-wave signals needed for 5G connectivity.

Whether Apple will pot for a different vendor in order to get its connectivity sorted by a sooner date remains to be seen, but given the company’s recent dealings with Qualcomm, the chances of it using their technology anytime soon are slim to none.

That said Apple is said to be looking at MediaTek as a possible backup option, should Intel still prove unable to provide the connectivity needed.

With 5G going to be one of the big trends in terms of mobile devices next year, Apple will be wanting to ensure it does not fall too far behind its rivals in delivering the broadband technology to its users.

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