Seeing as how most of us cannot afford to purchase a $3 million hypercar, the closest we can ever get to such a vehicle is Instagram. The car in question is Aston Martin’s Valkyrie, with the British manufacturer taking to social media to showcase a few more pics of the vehicle.

Compared to some of the concept vehicles and renders we’ve seen previously, this version sports a new paint job, with a sky blue to dark blue gradient running front to back on the Valkyrie.

It’s unclear though, whether this will be an official option that millionaires will be able to purchase, or if Aston Martin will be sticking with its traditional British racing green for the hypercar.

Given the eye-watering price tag this hypercar, Aston Martin confirms that 150 have already been ordered and are expected to be delivered to their lucky owners some time in 2019.

Whether more will be made available for order, remains to be seen.

As for the other details on the Valkyrie, Aston martin says it will boast 745kW of power thanks to the 6.5 litre V12 engine under the bonnet. The carmaker also says the Valkyrie will be the world’s fastest road-legal production vehicle, but they’re still staying mum on precisely how quickly it can do 0-100 km/h in.

For now we’ll have to enjoy digital versions of the Valkyrie, as the chances of seeing one on the showroom floor of local Aston Martin dealerships are quite slim indeed.