This weekend saw a celebration of all things Blizzard as the firm hosted its annual BlizzCon event.

The event took place across the entire weekend but the highlight is Friday evening when they announced its plans for the games in its stable.

Destiny 2 is free on PC for a limited time

The first big announcement of the evening took place ahead of the show when it was announced that Destiny 2 would be available to PC players for free.

There is a catch: you must claim your copy via the desktop app before 18th November.

Should you do that the game will be yours to play for free, forever.

WoW Classic comes with WoW subscription

Fans of World of Warcraft have been begging for a chance to experience the game as they fell in love in love with it.

WoW Classic is that experience and while we’ve known it’s been coming since last year we didn’t know when.

At BlizzCon, Blizzard announced that WoW Classic would be coming in summer 2019 (that’s winter in the southern hemisphere) and what’s more the game would be included in your World of Warcraft subscription.

As for World of Warcraft, Tides of Vengeance is due out soon with Blizzard saying it is polishing it up for release.

There is a new cinematic for fans to enjoy as well.

Warcraft Reforged

The rumours surrounding a remaster of Warcraft have been rife since Blizzard announced a StarCraft remaster that has since been released.

On Friday fans of the legendary real time strategy game were given a treat in Warcraft III: Reforged.

We don’t have an exact release date aside from 2019 but you can pre-order the game along with a WoW Meat Wagon mount and a Hearthstone card back if that’s your sort of thing.

New Overwatch hero and cereal

On to Overwatch news and there is a new hero on the cards.

That hero is Ashe the leader of the Deadlock Gang.

The hero was introduced in a cinematic featuring a multitude of new faces including our new favourite man of steel, Bob.

Oh and Lucio is the face of a new cereal that Blizzard and Kellogg’s will release. Yes, Blizzard is going to actually release this cereal but whether that will extend outside of the US remains to be seen.

This isn’t the first time a videogame got its own cereal as Kellogg’s also gave the treatment to Super Mario.

Hearthstone’s next expansion is loa-ding

What would BlizzCon be without some Hearthstone news.

The next expansion for the game will be Rastakhan’s Rumble and we were given a great cinematic to announce the expansion.

As you can tell from the cinematic the expansion takes players to Stranglethorn and the battle of the trolls.

The expansion introduces a new keyword in Overkill which grants a bonus if the card kills a minion.

You can find all the cards revealed this weekend over on this handy Reddit thread.

Diablo goes mobile

Were you expecting a new Diablo game? We were.

Were you expecting a new Diablo game for your smartphone? Neither were we.

One of the most controversial announcements from the show was the final announcement. Diablo Immortal is an exclusive game for Android and iOS devices.

That means there is no Diablo game coming to PC or consoles for a while still and if you’re a hardcore fan that news might sadden you.

“Sad” might be the understatement of the century. That’s because fans have flocked to the game’s trailer on YouTube to get their feelings heard. At time of righting the video has 14 000 likes versus 382 000 dislikes.

The game is being developed in partnership with NetEase Games and a release date has not yet been announced.