Rainbow Six Siege is in a mire of controversy around censorship right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the efforts of its community in this recreation of Twitch’s shock drone made almost entirely in LEGO.

The man behind this project is Nick Brick, a very familiar name whose work in 1:1 scale LEGO builds of weaponry probably popping up in your feed in the past even if you’re not actively involved with LEGO.

Looking at the Shock Drone, we’re not sure exactly how many pieces went into the build, but it is 8 inches long and 9 inches wide, weighing 2 pounds (20.3 centimetres, 22.8 centimetres and 900 grams for those of us in metric countries).

While official LEGO motors and a battery pack provide the movement here, there is one third party part in the build. The SBrick controls these electronic components from an app, but everything else here is stock LEGO bricks you can get from sets.

This has a simple control mechanism where each wheel is controlled by a single motor (LEGO uses this system in its own sets like 42065: RC Tracked Racer) and two smaller castor wheels on the front complete the setup.

The only feature we’d have to request is some kind of shooting function to mimic the shock function of the drone. LEGO makes many pieces designed to shoot off projectiles, but the large “competition shooter” would be perfect thanks to the fact that it packs a punch without being overtly dangerous.

You can see the Shock Drone in the video below, with Nick Brick promising the rest of Twitch’s loadout in LEGO coming soon.

While you wait watch his playlist of Rainbow Six Siege videos.