Despite not being that into fighting games and their minutia overall, we are excited for the upcoming title Override: Mech City Brawl – a 3D fighter focused on building-sized mechs.

Those who signed up on the official game site received access to a closed beta that took place back in August.

We had a good time taking part in that beta, but it was obvious that the game had a lot of problems that needed to be addressed.

Thankfully that’s exactly what developer Modus Games did as they’ve just released a developer update (embedded below) that focuses on providing feedback from the beta.

Some of the big changes are to the way dashing works to prevent trolling, as well as the addition of a timer for the same reason.

While all the playable characters were tweaked, two got special attention this time around: the highest win rate Contessa was nerfed, and the lowest win rate Pescado was buffed.

Our concerns around stun locking and the power of pickup weapons were assuaged slightly as changes were made to the dash kick and the ability to turn off weapons entirely has been added.

Maybe most importantly here is the addition of a tutorial so future players aren’t going in completely blind like we did.

While these changes have a multiplayer focus we’re honestly more interested in the Voltron-esque co-op and the recently-announced single player mode which looks to be good old alien kaiju versus mecha brawl.

Override: Mech City Brawl is set to launch 4th December.