Last week Apple halted its latest watchOS update following reports that it was bricking smartwatches that downloaded it. The update in question was version 5.1, but now a fix has been built into a new variant.

This new update is watchOS 5.1.1, and Apple confirms that it does not suffer from the same bricking issue as its recent predecessor did.

The watchOS update is not just focused on that particular fix, with Apple adding a few new elements to it as well.

These take the form of 70 new emoji, which Apple also released for iPhone and iPad users with iOS 12.1. Added to this is full-screen watch faces, which are best suited for the new Apple Watch Series 4 that features a smaller bezel than other devices.

It also supports group FaceTime, as well as audio input for up to 32 people, although we are not entirely sure why someone would want to have such a large FaceTime session on their smartwatch.

While Apple was fairly quick in responding to the bricking issue, it does showcase one of the flaws to the smartwatch, with it unable to be connected to one’s PC or notebook to troubleshoot or roll back to an earlier update like you can do with an iPhone or iPad.

Perhaps that’s something that Apple should be considering for their next watchOS update or Apple Watch device.