There’s a new full frame camera that recently hit the market in the form of the Leica Q-P.

Like most of the German company’s offerings, the Q-P is a simply styled device, but this version tones things down even more to give it more of a stealthy look compared to Leica’s other cameras in the Q series.

More specifically this model features an all-black matte finish, with the signature red dot Leica logo replaced with a white engraving on top of the Q-P.

For those who enjoy understated tech, the Leica Q-P should prove very tempting indeed.

As for the technology powering this full frame camera, Leica has opted for a 24 megapixel sensor, which is paired with a 28mm f/1.7 Summilux lens. Added to this is a 3.7MP digital viewfinder (which we aren’t fans of in general on cameras), along with a 3.0″ display on the rear and built-in NFC and WiFi functionality.

Curiously the one thing missing in this luxury camera is the ability to record video in 4K, with it going up to 1080p at 60fps. This should prove more than sufficient for filming small projects, but those wanting a bit more might need to look elsewhere.

Now for how much you’ll be paying for the Leica Q-P. As with all Leica products you’re paying a premium, with the Q-P recommended to retail for $4 995 (~R70 506) and available to purchase in select regions north of the equator.

At that price the Leica Q-P costs more than the “regular” Q model at around $4 250, which means you’re paying quite a bit for the stealth design.

That said, Leica has never had a problem with consumers wanting to buy their pricey cameras before, and they likely won’t have any issues with the Q-P either.

It still remains to be seen if you’ll be able to get one from local retailers anytime soon.