Back in 2013 Samsung launched Knox, a security platform for the South Korean firm’s smartphones.

Today, Samsung Knox has evolved into an enterprise mobile security suite that can be used to manage the security of multiple devices, whether these are Samsung branded devices or not.

“Knox started with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It gave you the ability to split your phone into a private part of the phone and a corporate part,where you could store your corporate emails, and corporate applications,” Samsung explains.

The application was born when government agencies approached Samsung with a request for a device that could be used within the US government.

Rather than creating a bespoke device Samsung created Knox – software that containerised sensitive information.

The software carries various government certifications and has grown into the Knox ecosystem which offers companies greater functionality than a simple container.

So what value can Knox bring to your company?

Efficient security

Through Knox, Managed IT teams can co-ordinate security across a multitude of devices whether they run on Android, iOS, Tizen or Windows 10.

Say for instance your company receives 15 new smartphones for employees to use. Without Knox, you would have to charge up all of those devices, install the apps your company uses, containerise the handsets manually and set up WiFi.

“With Knox Mobile Enrollment, an IT team can assign the IMEI number of the device to an employee to enroll into the management solution. When the person gets their device they unbox it, turn it on, go through the set up and then it will automatically enroll the device into the Mobile Management solution without the end user having to do anything,” explains Samsung.

What’s more, IT teams can remotely manage Knox devices, reboot devices, wipe content and lock them down if they are lost or stolen.

Being able to do this automatically means saving time and lower costs as an IT technician doesn’t have to be deployed to help all new 15 smartphone owners set up their device.

Samsung works with resellers to deploy Knox and insures that these resellers know how best to deploy and manage Knox.

There is also a portal where customers can log issues to receive prompt support.

Regular updates

Cybercrime is an ever evolving beast and as such security solutions need to constantly account for these ever changing threats.

Samsung Knox releases update when Samsung releases a new flagship. These means that you will likely see a new Knox version at the beginning of the year when the Galaxy S flagship is released and again when the flagship Note smartphone is released.

That having been said, throughout the year Samsung will release security updates and maintenance updates to insure that your devices are as secure as possible between releases.

And firms should take care to secure their mobile devices.

“What we’re finding more and more is that people are using their mobile devices more than their laptop for work applications. That means that things like your corporate email and other sensitive data are on your phone or tablet and if somebody were to hack into your email on your phone they could get access to potentially sensitive information,” explains Samsung.

To see how your company can benefit from Samsung Knox visit to sign up for a trial version.

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