AI has a multitude of applications, and it could even play a role in the world of journalism. We’ve already seen AI-aided robots write a number of stories¬†and now the technology is being used in China to create AI Anchors.

More specifically state-run press agency, Xinhua, has used machine learning and CGI to create a virtual presenter to deliver news reports.

The video of said AI Anchor has been placed on YouTube via the New China TV channel and offers a possible glimpse into what the future of TV journalism could look like in the Asian country.

At this stage there are no definitive details as to how the AI Anchor was created, or indeed when Xinhua aims to make them more ubiquitous, but as you can tell by watching the video below, there are quite a few kinks to iron out.

The voice of the AI Anchor for example is quite robotic, and resembles the same kind of reporting experience that one normally hears on those suspect news channels on YouTube.

That said, the language used is quite advanced, and the phrases flow logically. The only real problem we noticed is when the AI Anchor would run onto sentences now and then. For the most part though, it was quite efficient.

Whether such a system will actually take off remains to be seen, but seeing as how virtual pop stars are wildly popular in Southeast Asian countries, why not an AI Anchor.

What are your thoughts on the AI Anchor from Xinhua. An innovative new solution or new meaning on the term political puppet?

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