Disney has been preparing its own streaming service for some time now, with the finer details about the platform not fully revealed.

Part of that changes today, however, with the company that Mickey built now confirming that the service will be called Disney+.

The streaming service is currently slated for arrival Stateside in late 2019, but no definite date has been scheduled at this stage. It’s also unclear when Disney+ will be available in other regions.

In terms of content, the platform will not only be tapping into the back catalogue of films and TV series from its own library, but also adding the content from Marvel and Star Wars.

This will essentially turn Disney+ into the go-to platform for all the big summer blockbusters and animated films of the past decade, as well as all future ones.

The platform will also cater to original content, with Disney confirming that Star Wars spin-off featuring Diego Luna’s character from Rogue One being the central figure. There’s also murmurings of a Loki spin-off, but no confirmation of that yet.

While the breadth of content that will be available on Disney+ should make a decent contender against the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Showmax locally, what should be more interesting to see is whether their movies and TV series will still be available on those other platforms.

Either way when it comes to streaming, consumers will now have another option to consider when paying to watch content.

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