Over the weekend Microsoft had a number of announcements regarding its gaming division at X018 in Mexico, as the company looks to take on PlayStation on multiple fronts.

One of the more interesting announcements should be of interest to PUBG fans, with game now added to the Xbox Game Pass platform. The title is set to added today (12th November) and will give gamers the access to the wildly popular PUBG, along with the 100 plus other games on Xbox Game Pass.

The subscription gaming service costs $9.99 (~R143) per month, with Xbox Game Pass being one area that Microsoft has focused a lot of its attention in recent years.

The arrival of PUBG on the platform could point to something on the PlayStation front though, with rumours suggesting that the game could be coming to the PS4 and PS4 Pro come December, but no official confirmation has been made at this stage.

Moving to Sony’s console would make a lot of sense for PUBG as it has usurped by Fortnite as the¬†go-to game for most, and having their title available on more platforms could give it a chance of reprising its number one spot.

If you’re not an Xbox Game Pass subscriber and have chosen to stay away from it up until now, Microsoft is throwing in the added incentive of making the first month $1 for new subscribers.

With Sony viewed as winning when it comes to exclusive games on their platform, perhaps bringing more content to Game Pass can help the Xbox gain some ground on its Japanese rival.

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