If you’re looking to buy one of the new Mac devices that Apple recently unveiled in New York and is making available locally, there is something that needs to be brought to your attention.

Following reports surrounding the new T2 security chip that features in some of the newer Mac devices, Apple has confirmed to The Verge that it may hinder third-party repairs when it comes to specific components.

This potentially includes all the devices that feature the T2 chip, including last year’s iMac Pro, the refreshed MacBook Air and new Mac Mini.

Unfortunately Apple has not disclosed which components in particular are affected by this feature in the T2 chip, or indeed which of its devices it may hamper. According to Engadget it could very well mean the T2 regulates repairs on the logic board and Touch ID fingerprint sensor on devices.

How consumers will react to this fact remains to be seen, but there is some solid reasoning as to why Apple has given the T2 chip such control. The fingerprint sensor on certain MacBooks for example facilitates security functions, and therefore cannot be replaced with a third-party option should it require repairing.

Added to this is quality, with third-party repairs often a gamble at the best of times.

While Apple is not the cheapest when it comes to repairing your device, and don’t get us started on dealing with iStore staff, the fact that the components are certified and fitted by official Apple partners, does bring with it some peace of mind.

As such if you’re going to buy a new Mac device that features the T2 chip, this recently uncovered aspect is something to consider.