When Samsung live streamed the keynote for its 2018 Developer Conference last week, much of the attention was on the company’s new foldable phone design.

One of the other interesting announcements came in the form of One UI, which is a new look for the South Korean manufacturer’s mobile devices running Android.

One UI is said to keep things more simple and intuitive in terms of layout, as well as making it easier to navigate on a phone with above average dimensions.

We’re yet to get hands-on with user interface, with Samsung noting that it would be making its way to Galaxy S9 and Note 9 owners to try out via a beta.

If you owned one of last year’s flagship phones, however, you were left in the lurch, but that could soon change with Android Authority reporting that the beta for the new look user interface will coming to Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 users in coming weeks as well.

There’s no date mentioned by Samsung as to when One UI will be available on devices, but following the beta, the company plans to launch it in full in early 2019.

We’re still to hear if One UI has any hardware specifications, which should determine just how broad a release this new interface will be.┬áThe company’s new Galaxy A devices for example, could also benefit from featuring One UI.

With Samsung coming a long way from its bloatware-filled days of a few years ago, now the company has one of the cleaner Android skins around, and based on what we saw during the live stream, One UI should be even better.

[Image – Samsung]