We like innovative and interesting crowdfunding projects as much as the next tech website, but they do carry an added amount of risk as a high percentage of them never see the light of day, leaving those who backed the project with less money in the bank and nothing to show for it.

That’s why we were quite intrigued to hear about a policy update made by Indiegogo.

The update in question confirms that Guaranteed Shipping is now something that the crowdfunding platform is working on. More specifically, Indiegogo plans to launch the offering on select campaigns in early 2019, with a more widespread rollout said to follow thereafter.

“The Guaranteed Shipping policy is meant to put your mind at ease – if you order from a seller in our Product Marketplace, it is guaranteed to ship within the promised timeframe, or you’ll get your money back! We’ve also built in additional protection for any orders placed with sellers in our Pre-Order category,” explains the company’s blog post on the subject.

If carried out successfully, this new policy could prove great for those who enjoy backing projects, as it would mean that a failed project doesn’t equate to money down the drain.

It might also curb the amount of projects on the platform which set unrealistic funding goals, or come from company’s with a poor track record of bringing projects to fruition.

Whether other popular crowdfunding platforms will follow a similar tact, remains to be seen.