There’s a new update that recently got revealed by Twitter and its Explore tab.

Now that portion of the application will be separating entries according to different topics and specific sections.

Twitter said it added this function to make the Explore section a bit easier to navigate, and potentially help you find stories that you’re more likely to read.

This is the first significant change to Explore that Twitter has added ever since debuting the new section on its social media platform towards the beginning of last year. Add to that the fact that the company has also begun serving ads in Explore and it’s clear to see that it will be one of the platforms most important features moving forward.

If you reside outside the US and open up Explore on your Twitter profile right now, you won’t see the topic segmentation, with the company confirming in a tweet that the feature is only available in the United States for now.

Added to this it is only featured on iOS devices, so good luck trying to see on your Galaxy Note 9.

If you do however own an iPhone or iPad, the Explore tab will sport having sections like Sports, News, Fun and Entertainment and others appearing at the top. Hopefully then, you shouldn’t have to sift through as much content to find what you’re interested in.

As for when Twitter plans to rollout this new Explore tab feature across the globe, and to Android devices remains to be seen, with the company yet to reveal that detail.

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