As the popularity and public opinion of Destiny 2 waxes and wanes, the maker community around the game continues to produce amazing recreations of items from the title, with this D.F.A. hand cannon being the latest example.

Brandt Porter started this project as many 3D prints from Destiny 2 do: on the Destiny STL Generator.

As the files that site produces are almost never ready to print, Porter needed to modify them, something he did in Autodesk’s Inventor software. Despite the files being in fairly poor shape, they were corrected and sliced to fit a printer in just two hours.

Because of some delamination issues printing took around 50 hours to complete with the finished pieces being stuck together with some ABS juice.

After sanding with various grits a layer of primer was added and the colours painted in with acrylics. This finishing process added another five hours to the total time of this project.

At 19 centimetres long and eight centimetres tall, this truly does classify as a hand cannon and you should budget filament accordingly.

To make your own the files are available for free over on Thingiverse.

One feature planned for this print that didn’t make it into the final product you see on this page is a rotating cylinder held in place with magnets. Unfortunately the scaling went a bit awry which didn’t leave enough space for it to spin freely. If you want that feature in your print make sure to account for this.

Those not in the market for a hand cannon can also 3D print the Hard Light rifleMIDA Multi-Tool and more.

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