When it comes to being successful on dating apps like Tinder, timing is everything.

It’s something that the app’s developers are acutely aware, having noticed a spike in the number of user matches whenever there’s a specific event happening.

That’s why Tinder is launching a new Swipe Surge feature, that pushes a notification to users in a particular area that their chances of matching are far higher.

The app’s developers says it first start to notice the surge phenomenon in 2016 when it began sending push notifications to users about surge periods. This resulted in an increase of matches by as much as 2.5 times compared to normal periods.

During these surges, users also experienced a 20 percent increase in right swipes and 2.6 times higher likelihood to receive a message.

Now this fully fledged feature is being tested out with iOS device users in specific cities and regions in the US at the moment, with Tinder also adding Swipe Surge branding along with the notification.

Swipe Surges are said to happen any time, with Tinder noting that it could be used for large-scale events like music festivals, or something smaller like happy hour at a bar. As such, they’re advising users to keep their notifications for Tinder turned on.

At this stage there is no mention about when Swipe Surge will be available for Android device owners, or those outside the US.