Last month a video did the rounds in which a Tesla Model S owner was able to capture footage of two thieves stealing his car, and more importantly the method they employed.

The perpetrators in question were able to use a tablet to “boost” the signal of the Model S key fob in order to gain access to the vehicle, in a theft method that has recently been used to great effect in parts of Europe.

Added to this was their ability to shut off the mobile tracking of the vehicles.

To tackle this issue Tesla has released a software update that has some new anti-theft features, along with a few other elements baked in.

The security aspect of the update will not be able to stop thefts such as the one seen in the video, but will make it easier for Tesla owners and authorities to track their electric vehicle, provided they reside within the States.

For those in Europe, however, that feature is unavailable, but Tesla’s new update will request a passcode for those who try to circumvent the mobile tracking of the vehicle.

Another fix for the potential of thefts with this particular method is to simply deactivate the passive entry mode of Tesla vehicles altogether, which is often an issue when the car is parked in a public spot.

As for some of the other features included in this recent update, Tesla says it has improved the car’s Summon functionality, which allows the car to self-drive when getting out of a parking spot. Added to this is easier to use Climate Control.

With Tesla EVs yet to arrive in South Africa, the fact that they can receive timely updates and fixes OTA is another reason why we can’t wait to see them on our roads.

[Image – Antony Kennedy]
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