With the wide array of routers available picking just one to build out your network at home can be tricky.

Often one router isn’t sufficient to extend your internet connectivity throughout your home. The solution should be simple then, add more routers or WiFi range extenders until your home is bathed in WiFi.

As you might imagine however, that solution can get very pricey very quickly among the other problems that might arise when building out a network yourself such as needing to connect to a new WiFi network when you move.

Many smartphones will do that hard work for you but it’s a bodge of a solution and for the ordinary, non-technical person, bridging various routers and extenders together might present a problem.

ASUS has a solution for the average person that is not only easy to set up but also makes surfing the web a seamless experience.

That solution is the Lyra.

Lyra is a tri-band mesh WiFi system that is comprised of three “hubs” that connect to each other wirelessly and allow you to get WiFi connectivity throughout your home.

The set up of the Lyra is made incredibly simple thanks to the Lyra App for smartphones. Once the first Lyra hub is connected you can use the app to locate the best position to place the next Lyra hub and so on and so forth.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Lyra can use up to three different bands to connect users to the internet or network. There is one 2.4GHz band and two 5GHz bands.

All the major WiFi standards are represented here from 802.11a at up to 48.54Mbps all the way up to 802.11ac rated for data rates at up to 867Mbps.

Each Lyra hub is also fitted with gigabit WAN and a gigabit LAN port just in case the MU-MIMO tech inside the hub doesn’t quite reach through your walls.

With that having been said however, you will struggle to find an obstacle that the Lyra can’t get through.

It’s also a great solution for connecting multiple buildings on your property to the internet and should you need, a new Lyra hub can be connected to the network easily.

To aid in securing that network ASUS Lyra features AiProtection. This feature will scan the network passively and should it detect an infected device it will be able to block that device.

ASUS used Lyra at a press event during Computex 2017 and the firm reports that the bandwidth and speed it showcased were enough to satisfy journalists and bloggers attending the event.

The ASUS Lyra is available in South Africa through Takealot.

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