The local arm of IMImobile, IMImobile SA, has announced that it has joined the Early Access Program for Rich Communication Services (RCS) run by Google.

RCS, or in this particular case, RCS business messaging allows a business to add interactive features to text messages. These features could allow a customer to snap a photo and send it, chat to a chatbot and more, without the need to download an additional app.

In short, adding support for RCS would make Android Messages more akin to iMessage which is the superior native messaging app if you ask us.

IMImobile has been a part of Google’s Early Access Program for RCS Business Messaging since 2017 and now the local arm based in Johannesburg has joined as well.

“We are very excited to offer RCS Business Messaging to our African customer base,” chief creative and operations officer at IMImobile SA, Devon Meerholz said in a statement.

“RCS is a natural evolution of the traditional SMS communication and allows enterprises to significantly enhance mission critical communication, notifications and alerts,” Meerholz added.

The C-suite exec says that we can expect to see massive growth in RCS in 2019 as more businesses become aware of the benefits of the technology.

IMImobile SA will, in the coming months, drive awareness about the technology while testing different uses cases with its clients. The firm will also work with Google to support adoption of RCS.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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