Instagram is employing new tactics when it comes to dealing with fake content on its platform.

More specifically, fake likes and follows.

The move makes sense for two reasons. One, as the social media platform has long had an issue when it comes to accounts buying influence with fake likes and follows. And two, because Facebook (which owns Instagram) is going on a bit of a fake content purge at the moment.

The company’s new steps will now see accounts that have fake likes or follows from the result of third-party services will have said likes or follows removed as they violate Instagram’s Community Guidelines, which they updated earlier this week.

Apart from removing the likes or follows, it’s unclear whether Instagram will take greater action against accounts that become repeat offenders, or if they will implement some sort of suspension.

As for how Instagram plans to check content, the company will make use of its machine learning algorithms in order to identify accounts that are deemed to have infringed upon their new guideline rules.

Along with having their content removed Instagram says accounts which are identified will also be prompted to change their password, in case their account was inadvertently hacked or compromised.

With Instagram a key social media app when it comes to influencers and brands alike, taking steps like this may help to secure some of the integrity of the platform, which is a primary source of income for some of its users.

It might also curb the growing trend of “nanoinfluencers” as The New York Times terms them. These are users that try to get endorsements or sponsorships from brands despite only having a little over 1 000 followers on the platform.

Whether this new approach will have the desired effect remains to be seen, with Instagram noting that it plans to start in coming weeks.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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