Back in June we got our first proper look at The LEGO Movie 2, sporting the subtitle “The Second Part” as the characters from the first happy adventure now had to make it in a post-apocalyptic world.

Now we have a second trailer to watch and, despite being just under three minutes long it manages to introduce a lot.

It looks like the main antagonist will be “Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi”, which looks like it can turn into an Eldritch horror at will (see above).

The other new character worth speaking about is “Rex Dangervest”, a great spoof on many of the characters Chris Pratt has played in the last handful of years. Pratt is voicing this galaxy defending, archaeologist, cowboy and raptor trailer, along with the main character Emmet.

A new trailer isn’t the only LEGO news in town as The original LEGO Movie will be streamed on YouTube in its entirety.

Unlike Rocky and Terminator, this will not be an ad-supported affair as the first movie itself is acting as an ad for this sequel.

This will only be available for 24 hours, starting from 24th November at 12:00 PT.

Finally, physical LEGO sets from the new movie have been officially revealed. 16 were shown off yesterday with a further three earlier at San Diego Comic Con.

Despite that being a lot of product to buy, it’s almost certain that there will be more coming at a later stage, probably after The LEGO Movie 2 launches on 8th February 2019.