At the beginning of the week news broke that Facebook’s investors were less than pleased with how things were going at the social media company, with a recent hiring PR firm with shady past campaigns being the breaking point.

This prompted several investors to call for founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chairman of the company.

At the time it was unclear what Zuckerberg would do, especially as Elon Musk recently had to step down as chairman of Tesla under pressure from an SEC suit.

Zuckerberg is under no such pressure, and has not buckled under it in the past, so the chances of him choosing to step down willingly were slim.

A recent CNN interview confirms this, with Zuckerberg having a lengthy Q&A in a series called Human Code. In it the Facebook CEO speaks about some of the fire that the company has come under this year, as well as touching on some of the comments that COO Sheryl Sandberg has made during the PR firm hiring debacle.

More importantly when asked about his role chairman, and whether he would step down, Zuckerberg laid out his position on the subject fairly firmly.

“That’s not the plan… I’m not currently thinking that that makes sense,” Zuckerberg told interviewer Laurie Segall.

While it’s clear that the Facebook founder sees no point to him stepping down as chairman of the company, it is not out of the question, provided investors lean on him with the necessary pressure required.

As such, there is still a possibility that Zuckerberg is forced to step down, but for now he has no designs to do so.

[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Alessio Jacona]