At its annual I/O developer conference earlier this year, Google attracted more attention than normal thanks to a demo of new product that was both intriguing and concerning.

That product was the Google Duplex AI calling app, and now it’s starting to make its way to Pixel phones in the States.

The tech firm confirmed to VentureBeat earlier this week that the app would be available to a select number of Pixel phone owners residing Stateside, although did not mention numbers of whether a wider scale rollout is in the offing at this stage.

For now the Google Duplex AI app is limited in terms of its functionality, with it performing most of the tasks that it did in the aforementioned I/O 2018 keynote demo.

For those unfamiliar with Google Duplex, it was shown making a reservation at a hair salon. What made the demo particularly noteworthy was the fact that the AI not only sounded like a human being, but also ummed and ahhed in a very similar fashion to how one might normally experience on a phone call.

To give you an idea of just how convincing the Google Duplex AI is, we’ve embedded a video of the demo below, and it’s will worth a watch.

The reason why this demo proved so divisive is the fact that Google never explicitly said that Google Duplex will disclose the fact that it is an AI application when making calls in the real world.

As such it should be interesting to see if Google adds such functionality to the fully fledged version of Google Duplex. When that will happen though, is still unclear for now.

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