If you open up Instagram today there may be a few changes that have popped up on your account.

This is because the company is testing a few different layout options for user profiles. They explained this in a blog post shared earlier in the week, noting that over the next few weeks Instagram will be testing a bunch of combinations to find something that works best.

“Over the next several weeks, you may see features re-arranged at the top of your profile including changes to icons, buttons and the way you navigate between tabs, which we hope will make profiles easier and cleaner to use. The photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change,” the post reads.

The header image above gives you a preview of the changes that Instagram is trying out, with the layout placing less of an emphasis on follower count, with them no longer appearing at the top of the profile and featuring a smaller font.

The photo grid in Instagram still remains intact for now though, with no real way to improve it clearly evident in our view.

The reason for such a design change could be similar to what Twitter recently did, with follower count seen as a hurdle to proper conversations and engagement on the platform.

Whether it has that desired effect remains to be seen, especially as Instagram is a social media app in particular where influence places an important part in its popularity, not to mention the chance for endorsements and sponsorships it delivers for highly followed users.

These changes are not set in stone, however, and Instagram will be trying out different types of layouts over the next month. It will also be relying on user feedback to see what layout changes stay and go.

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