Those still playing Mario Tennis Aces, or those who are looking to pick it up this holiday season, should be happy to know that the playable roster is set to increase soon.

Announced yesterday in a series of videos, five characters will be added to the game: two this December and three more between January and March of 2019.

The latecomers are Boom Boom, Luma and Pauline, these three being the characters planned for next year.

Each of the three have different Playing Types. Boom Boom is Defensive, Luma Technical, and Pauline is Speedy.

You can see the three in one trailer below:

Those looking for a new character to play sooner will be able to get their hands on Petey Piranha and Shy Guy, both planned for a December 2018 release.

Petey Piranha is a Powerful Playing Type while Shy Guy is Technical.

Instead of the pair being lumped into a single trailer, they’ve each been given their own video. This seems to have been done to show off these characters more – each video showcases the basic, trick and special shots available to them.

We’ve dropped the two videos into a single playlist you can hit play on below.

To get these two players will need to participate in the Singles Online Tournament between 1st and 31st December, after which they will become available to everyone with a copy of Mario Tennis Aces.