The use of technology globally has grown rapidly over the past decade, and South Africa is also doing its part in joining the fourth industrial revolution by now exposing learners to technology in schools. Though this might help, there are only 10.6 percent (PDF) of household that have access to internet in their homes.

Extramarks Education South Africa is trying to augment that dynamic by offering digital learning for learners who don’t have access to technology at home. Its offering after school programmes that will help pupils from Grade R to Grade 12 in improving their learning.

“In response to these challenges, schools have embraced digital learning in the classrooms.However, certain challenges still remain when considering the mismatch in the way learners study at home and at school. While learners have access to digital learning at schools, they only have textbooks available at home. This presents a break in continuity of the learner’s learning at home,” head of Extramarks Education South Africa, Tanay Kulshreshtha said in a statement.

Extramarks has a digital platform for learning that maintains continuity of learning from school to home through its study pack. The study pack covers the curriculum topics for English, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences in an electronic format.

According to Extramarks press statement, its study pack e-learning programme provides remote parent involvement, learner centric adaptive learning, access to interactive and engaging multimedia learning modules aligned with the curriculum and availing guidance of skilled mentors throughout studies.

Each subject and grade comprises of personalised learning for each student, with adaptive technology that has multiple learning elements including animations, smart learn modules, virtual lab, multiple chapter tests, questions, answers and assignment group quizzes.

Extramarks adds that its adaptive learning approach adopts game-based thematic pedagogy (interaction between teachers and pupils) for junior learners and a hierarchical layered methodology for senior learners.

“Through this, Extramarks is bridging the divide of South Africa’s e-learning landscape and putting the technology in learners’ hands. By extending the reach of the classroom beyond its physical walls, Extramarks is helping students to seamlessly continue their learning journey at home, or anywhere they go,” Kulshreshtha concluded.

For you to have access to Extramarks’ programmes you will need to subscribe to their website.