If you somehow have some money left over following Black Friday, Nintendo is now selling  a lot of new Pokémon merchandise in the country.

While this may not seem like a big deal, these kind of items were usually difficult to come by in the country with fans (ourselves included) usually having to import them from overseas or stuff our bags with similar items when we were lucky enough to travel.

Either as a marketing push for the new Let’s Go games or an attempt to move stock before Christmas, the online store has been packed with all manner of officially-branded products.

Branded clothes, bags and even underwear  is on sale here, but it is on the expensive side. A simple beanie is R259 and a messenger bag goes for R449.

You can see a quick snapshot of the available items in the image below (complete with seemingly random highlighted words), with a full catalogue available on the online store.

These new items seem to be tied to a campaign labelled “Look at you, Pikachu!”. This is probably to be something cooked up by the local distributors and not tied to any big international campaigns.

If you’re looking for Christmas presents here we have to recommend these knitted sweaters, even if they do cost an exorbitant R799.

While the information we’ve received so far all point to the online store selling these, they’ll most likely also be available at the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Sandton.