Back in October of last year Road Rash fans were treated to a new take on the formula in Road Redemption when it launched on PC, and now those on the Nintendo Switch can enjoy it too.

New trailer (embedded below) aside, we played this game at launch after purchasing it out of curiosity and enjoyed our time with it. While we wouldn’t call the combat system deep like the trailer does, and the roguelike elements are very much tacked on, it is a fun experience and a rare entry in the neglected vehicle combat genre.

Those who care about playtime may be interested in the fact that it took us 12 hours to complete, but only because dying requires you to restart the entire main campaign from scratch. Some may feel like it’s artificially stretched out, and we would agree as four or so of those hours could have been taken off. Others may enjoy the extra time for their money.

Speaking of: this is another title that South Africans will be paying literally double for when it comes to the Switch. On Steam the localised pricing puts the game at R130, but the eShop has it listed for R262. Yes, that’s more than twice the price.

Readers in the US will be happy to know that the title costs $20 on both platforms.

Switch Tax aside, it’s a bit odd that the launch trailer was released only now. The game has been available on the Switch since 6th November, something we admittedly missed and we would have been unaware of this port if not for our subscription to the Nintendo YouTube channel.

Aside from alerting people like us to the fact that the game is available, we suspect this may have also been done to advertise the game closer to Christmas so they could put Santa riding a bike with an AK-47 into the thumbnail.