It may still be November but Christmas has come early for us as Flex Seal has released a new infomercial onto the world.

Okay, let’s pause here to explain why we’re writing about tape and caulk. In recent years the company Flex Seal and their enigmatic spokesperson Phil Swift have become a beloved joke on the internet thanks to the absurdity of their advertising.

The company was already relatively well known for their stunt of sawing a boat in half and then rearing it with their tape, but their popularity really took off when JonTron made a video about them.

If you don’t have time to watch those videos here’s the summary: Flex Seal makes some products that actually work pretty well in extraneous circumstances, they make some absurd infomercials to sell the products, and the internet makes jokes about it.

For the festive season our Prometheus Phil Swift has returned with a jaunty hat and his unnerving smile to recommend Flex Seal products for holiday gifts.

We get some new footage of the products being in Christmas-related scenarios, especially in snow. Most importantly, however, one of the boats that has been butchered in the past (we believe this was the one used to advertise their clear tape) has now been turned into Santa’s sleigh.

By the way, hang out in the comment’s section of the YouTube video (embedded below). The Flex Seal team have really leaned into the memes and are fully aware of what they’re doing here.

Usefulness aside, any of these products would make a great gag gift if you know someone who spends a lot of time on the internet. But, it’s one of the few good gag gifts because it can actually be used before it goes into the landfill.

There may be something to be said about the bleakness of the internet and capitalist society as a whole that an advert about tape is one of the few things that bring us joy, but we’re not going to think too much about that right now.

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