Move over Pick of Destiny, here’s Tenacious D’s Post-Apocalypto “movie”

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To promote their new album Post-Apocalypto, Tenacious D released a YouTube series by the same name featuring crude drawings, voice acting and writing from the duo. The seven-part adventure has now been stitched into a movie that is also available to watch for free.

Coming in at 65 minutes this isn’t a feature length film by most definitions, and it’s a bit shorter compared to watching the individual episodes in a row as the awesome theme song is left out of the movie.

Before you hit play on the embedded version of  Post-Apocalypto down below, there are some caveats.

As to be expected with Tenacious D, both the music and the visuals here are NSFW. Those visuals deserve an extra mention here as even though they’re on the wonky side, there is drawn nudity and sex throughout and you’re going to get into trouble with your boss if you’re watching that at work.

That being said, this is less of an animation and more of a slideshow with Jack Black and Kyle Gass riffing over it in an improv fashion.

If that has you a bit hesitant, don’t be as the Post-Apocalypto show / movie is just as entertaining as expected from the pair.

Those who choose to watch through the entire tale will get to hear the tracks from the album it’s named for. That album is also out right now and you can stream in on Spotify and many other places.

The album does spoil events in the movie, so maybe give it a watch before you put it on in the background, if you care about such things.

Doing so will also reveal some extra music, like a rendition of I Want It That Way originally by Backstreet Boys.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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