SA Retailer Toy Kingdom offering “4 for 3” on entire range for Black Friday

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While Black Friday is usually associated with electronics and other such goods, local toy shop Toy Kingdom has just announced a compelling reason to pick up some playthings tomorrow.

All physical Toy Kingdom stores will be offering a “4 for 3” deal on absolutely everything they stock. Alternatively, it’s “buy four and get the cheapest free”.

Those familiar with these kind of deals will know that the best way to take advantage of such offers is to buy four items of the same price. Doing so will result in a “saving” of 33.33% on every item purchased.

Toy kingdom is well-known for these kind of sales, especially on LEGO. We’ve taken advantage of them many times and we’ve always been happy with this company’s selection and prices (if you can’t tell, we’re massive LEGO fans here at Hypertext).

Aside from the sale not being limited to LEGO, the other big caveat here is that there are no limitations at all. Usually these kinds of deals will exclude certain premium items and other top shelf items, but not such exclusions exist here.

If you’d like to get some toys for yourself or others for Christmas, you can do so tomorrow in physical stores which will be open from 7 AM.

Alternatively, the sale will be live on the Toy Kingdom website from 9 PM local time. The problem here is that, much like most of the companies in South Africa, the online offering is much more sparse compared to what is available in store.

To make up for that somewhat their Royalty Points loyalty programme will be awarding 4% back on purchases, which is a nice change to some other stores which do not offer their rewards on sales like this.

Finally, the Build-A-Bear Workshop will have a flat 50% sale for the same duration.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of