You should be watching: Claire and Brad on Bon Appétit

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The juggernaut that is food programming is just as compelling on YouTube as it is on big TV networks, and the channel Bon Appétit is one of the best examples.

This is, in part, due to the successes of two of their best series and their hosts in Claire Saffitz and Brad Leone.

You may have seen Saffitz already or recognise her from just a thumbnail as her “Gourmet Makes” series of videos, which regularly do the rounds and pop up as suggested videos if you spend any substantial time on YouTube.

The series has a simple premise: professional pastry chef Saffitz takes mass production food (usually snacks like Twinkies and Oreos) and attempts to do them better.

Sometimes this means improving the taste while other times it’s about replicating the food without all the chemicals and additives. Other times it’s just about seeing if these factory-produced products are possible to make in your kitchen.

While we’d love any excuse to talk about this channel, we’re doing so now as a new episode of Gourmet Makes just aired, this time tackling Ramen. While that brand name carries a lot of weight even outside of the US, it’s the common instant noodles that are so famous around the world.

You can watch it right now but we have not embedded that video itself, but instead the whole playlist down below.

We know the term “binge” is thrown around a lot lately, especially in marketing for streaming services, but the content from this channel is truly difficult to stop watching.

We suspect that some of you reading this right now will burn your entire weekend with this.

We cannot write about Bon Appétit without talking about Brad Leone.

While the Gourmet Makes series may be why the channel is so popular right now, Leone’s “It’s Alive” videos are, in our opinion, a better watch.

This is due to two important factors: Leone is an amazingly charismatic and likeable character, and the editing of these videos is superb.

In a previous story about YouTube quality content, we wrote about brutalmoose and his extremely high effort edits which add a lot of humour and visual interest into the scenes.

It’s Alive does the same, and it perfectly suits the host.

No matter which series of videos you prefer, you will be happy to know that It’s Alive actually has more videos to watch compared to Gourmet Eats.

We’ve embedded the first “season” down below, and there are two more available and the series is ongoing.

See here (or embedded below) for the first season. There’s a small dropdown box available only on YouTube where you can then switch to the other seasons.

Bon Appétit marks the third channel we’ve featured in what’s becoming a series of recommendation features on Hypertext. Aside from brutalmoose see the knife making antics of kiwami japan, the thirfting intrigue of LGR, and the TCG obsessions of Tolarian Community College.

We’ll see you in a few months after you’ve watched everything suggested here. It really is worth your time and it’s free save for the data and your time to watch ads (which you should do, support the content you like to see).

[Image – Bon Appétit]

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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