Pupils in Mashiyamahle High School in Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal are amid a battle with the department of education, demanding the release of their original matric exam results which were withheld four years ago due to allegations of cheating.

The Mashiyamahle students wrote their matric exams in 2014 and are among the several schools incriminated in a group cheating scandal with more than 150 pupils implicated including part-time learners.

The students and the parents have since launched court action against the department demanding the release of the results, but the case has been postponed due to change of lawyers.

The department has thus far withheld results in mathematics, physical science, life science and accounting. Last week the department opted to release a combination of the learners original and supplementary results.

“After allegations we wrote supplementary exams in 2015, we no longer want supplementary exams, we want our original results,” said one former student who wished to remain anonymous to The Mercury.

Last week the department announced that it had received certificates of the 2014 candidates from Umalusi, the certificates were for bachelors passes, diploma passes, higher certificate passes and subject certificate passes, but the results were at the district offices and not the school.

The department stated that the results were a combination of the subjects passed in 2014 not implicated in cheating as well as the supplementary exams.

“When allegations surfaced, we launched an investigation to either find evidence or exonerate them, they did not want to participate which made them look guilty. We are unhappy at how the school conducted itself,” added department of education spokesperson Muzi Mahlambi.

[Source – The Mercury]

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]