Yesterday a Bloomberg report said Apple would not have a 5G iPhone before 2020, and now Samsung has confirmed that it will indeed have a 5G-capable smartphone hitting the market in 2019.

The South Korean manufacturer will be showcasing a proof of concept device at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit in Maui this week, akin to what it did with its foldable phone at its Developer Conference last month.

As for which device will be 5G-capable, or indeed when it will be available to purchase, Samsung is still remaining tight-lipped on that.

If we had to venture an educated guess, however, it would more than likely push to have a 5G smartphone ready early in the year to match the timeline that Huawei has already mentioned for its own 5G offering.

As such the Samsung Galaxy S10, or whatever they choose to call it, will be the device in question, which means we’ll likely see it at Mobile World Congress 2019 in February, before it lands in South Africa a few weeks later (we’re hoping).

With a few 5G handsets on the way for 2019, now the only thing to wait for is a network capable of supporting the devices.

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