Yesterday it was announced that the Steam Link app was available, as part of a beta test, on the Raspberry Pi.

For now the programme is limited to the Raspberry Pi 3 and 3 B+ models, but early testing from the community is promising.

One of our favourite YouTube channels in ETA PRIME has released a quick demo of Steam Link in action, running through RetroPie.

While this is usually used for emulation and playing older titles, being able to use Steam Link through it means you can now easily go between Steam titles and older games you have installed is a big time saver and it keeps all your games in one place on your Pi.

ETA Prime’s video is a bit short and acts more as a demo, so see Crash Gaming for a how to video on the subject.

For anyone about to attempt this just keep in mind that Steam Link is currently in beta and may not work exactly as intended right now. If you’re taking the time to fiddle around make sure to provide some feedback to Valve so they can address the issues.

Aside from that it’s great seeing Steam titles make their way to more devices. After the software made the jump to phones we thought they were done, but that apparently isn’t the case. Hopefully the maker community will come up with lots of interesting applications for it in the future.