Google CEO Sundar Pichai was originally scheduled to testify in front of a United States congress committee, but has since had the date moved to later this month.

To that end Pichai is now scheduled to testify on 11th December.

The date had been moved as it falls on the same day that the United States will be honouring former president George H.W Bush, who passed away last week.

As for what Pichai will be asked to discuss, the focus of the hearings will be Google’s stance on privacy and antitrust, both of which have come under the spotlight of late. The latter more so when the European Union fined Google over its Android antitrust policies a couple of months ago.

One of the other aspects that this hearing is said to deal with is the tech giant’s apparent bias against conservatives, although it’s unclear how Pichai will be able to discuss such a political manner.

Also up for discussion will likely be why Pichai and Alphabet (which owns Google) CEO Larry Page declined the request to speak to the┬áSenate Intelligence Committee back in September, with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg accepting the request.

Nevertheless it should be interesting to see what his testimony is like, and whether it will prove more insightful than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s earlier this year, which only proved that Congress members were quite ill-informed as to the more basic aspects of the social media platform.

If you’re interested in watching Picahi’s testimony, we’ve embedded the live stream video below, which will begin at 17:00 SA time on 11th December.