The festive season is right on our doorstep, which means they’ll be plenty of shopping and eating on the agenda. That is of course, unless you’re orbiting Earth in the International Space Station (ISS).

So how are those astronauts meant to get their festive fix? Well SpaceX has stepped in when it comes to the meal portion of that equation, sending a package up in one of its Dragon spacecraft with a Christmas dinner payload.

The SpaceX delivery launched as part of one of the company’s resupply missions earlier this week, and will reach its intended destination just in time for Christmas.

As for what the astronauts will be eating for that meal, it does not feature all the trimmings, but does include smoked turkey breast, cranberry sauce, candied yams and fruitcake.

What they’ll be using to wash all that down is unclear though, but we certainly could have seen an opportunity for a corporate sponsor in that regard.

[Source – Slash Gear]