There is some good news this Friday, load shedding is only at Stage 1 for today.

Granted, we’d prefer there were no load shedding at all but, small victories are always welcome.

The reason for the break from Stage 2 load shedding is down to Eskom getting more generating capacity online.

“We are load shedding below Stage 2 as we have seen a small improvement in generation performance and because of lower electricity demand on Fridays,” Eskom said in a statement this morning.

Load shedding Stage 1 calls for 1000MW to be shed nationally. Eskom further reiterated the need for residents and business to use power sparingly.

That having been said, it must be pointed out that the situation could change at any time. We recommend following the power utility on Twitter and Facebook for updates as and when they happen.

As for preparations for the day, be sure to check your load shedding schedule with your municipality. We’ve compiled a number of links to load shedding schedules we’ve found online over here.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]
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