2018 is shaping up to be a significant year for Epic Games.

The continued success and popularity of Fortnite means that the developer has some runway to try out new things, which now includes an online store to rival the service of Steam.

Well in theory at least, as it only went live today, so we’ll have to see if it can indeed offer Steam some viable competition.

As expected for its relatively small-scale initial launch there aren’t a large number of titles on offer, with Supergiant Games’ Hades being the most notable one given the prime placement it’s given on the home page.

Other noteworthy titles include Fortnite (obviously), Ashen, Darksiders III and Unreal Tournament. There’s a few more games on the way for the Epic Games store such as World War Z, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Outer Wilds.

While the catalogue of content is nowhere near what Steam has on offer, we can at least say that the Epic Games store is more aesthetically pleasing than the former option.

If Epic Games can lure some heavy hitting developers and publishers onboard, as well as offer competitive pricing, there’s nothing to say that it could not be rivalling Steam in a couple of years time.

To potentially aid Epic Games in respect of signing up developers and publishers, the store only takes a 12 percent cut of sales, compared to Steam’s larger 20 to 30 percent chunk.

With Discord also launching its own online game portal earlier this year, there should hopefully be some more worthwhile platforms than Steam to turn to in future.

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