If you’re a fan of YouTube channels which don’t upload very often, December is proving to be a treasure trove of new content as both JonTron and now Epic Rap Battles of History have uploaded new videos.

The newest edition of the channel is none other than Elon Musk versus Mark Zuckerberg. As is expected from the channel, it’s a good time and well worth the watch of just under three minutes. Four and a half million people agree with that sentiment, as the views have been racking up since it was uploaded.

Earlier last week the channel also uploaded an update of sorts which seems to promise more videos on the way in the US Spring of 2019. That’s anywhere between late March and late June next year, for everyone else in the world.

If you somehow missed the Epic Rap Battles craze, the channel has a very simple premise: two popular figures (either historical or modern celebrities, or characters from fiction) fight it out in a rap battle. The popularity of this videos came from their great sense of humour together with rather solid costume work and effects, especially in the later videos for those last two points.

Classics from the channel include Steve Jobs vs Bill GatesMaster Chief vs Leonidas and our favourite, Mozart vs Skrillex.