The final exams for 2018 Grade 12 learners are over, and now the wait begins for the results that will be published nationally on the 4th January 2019.

After that students who have applied and been accepted to their chosen tertiary institutions will begin their first year. But what will happen with those who did not apply or were not accepted?

After receiving their matric results, the next thing on their minds will be to look for a job, which can be daunting as youth unemployment is at an all time high in South Africa at 52.8 percent according to Stats SA .

Initiatives like the Harambee Youth Accelerator (HYA) try to assist in this regard, and have recently come up with nine tips for young prospective job seekers in the coming year.

Be confident

Confidence makes you stand out from the crowd, which is needed when going for an interview. You should believe in yourself and your unique gifts, says HYA.


Networking is very important when trying to find a job, ask everyone you know about any jobs you can apply for. Also ask them to introduce you to people they might know and could be able to assist you in your search for employment

Stay focused on finding a job

Job hunting is not easy. You need to work on finding a job everyday until you do find one, explains HYA, with looking for jobs online, in newspapers or going directly to businesses and handing out your CV something that should be done daily.

Get your CV in order

Update your CV and list of contactable references. Also ask someone to do a grammar and spelling check on your CV.

Your CV should include the following:

Personal details
Work experience and volunteer work experience
Any notable achievements, awards and pass marks
References even if you have never worked, such as teachers, church leaders and community members.

Look where jobs are

80 percent of jobs are in the service and sales industries such as retail, restaurants and hotels, according to HYA. Also look out for small businesses that hire young people and be prepared to start at a junior / entry-level positions.


Volunteering is a great way to gain experience. You can start by offering to help at your church, community centre or sports club. This can be a great advantage as you can add to your CV as experience.

List a contact number that is reachable

Use only one smart phone number when applying for jobs. Keep your phone with you all the times and make sure it is always fully charged. Also have another reliable number as your second option if something happens to the first one.

Try and speak English with your friends

English is the language of choice for businesses in South Africa and the world. The better your English the better your job opportunities. If it’s not your first or home language, HYA advises watching English tv and listening to English radio stations.

Beware of social media

Potential employers will look you up on social media before they interview or employ you, so be aware of what you are posting on your timeline, advises the HYA.


[Source – Harambee Youth Accelerator] [Image – CC 0 Pixabay]