If you like your games Christmas-themed for the end of the year but all the other games in the genre kind of suck, you may want to pick up Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

This game is getting free DLC called Green Army Men Christmas Special which has players fighting it out as plastic soldiers in a home appropriately decorated for the season.

Owners of the game will be able to partake in this event from right now until the first week or January 2019. While no exact date has been given for when this interesting mode will not be available, that first week is 1st to 7th January, so plan accordingly.

There’s also a unique cosmetic helmet reading “Christmas never happened here” available.

Aside from the changes to the look of the game, we hope they make small tweaks to the gameplay where appropriate. The obvious place for this is with the flamethrower weapon shown in the trailer embedded below. It only makes sense that it deals more damage to the plastic soldiers.

We haven’t had a chance to play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam before now, but this DLC has us very interested in picking it up. We’re still nostalgic of the old Army Men games by 3DO, and the last time we played a good game with a similar look is in Toybox Turbos.

If this style of game picks up traction in the future it will be odd that it differentiates itself from the toys-to-life games by not being full of physical, paid DLC.