Early next year the continent’s power sector will come into focus with the CIO Power Africa Summit 2019 taking place on 12th February in Johannesburg.

Registrations for delegate passes at the day-long event are now open, with those situated in the power sector urged to attend.

The focus for the CIO Power Africa Summit will be on the role that digital revolution is having on the power industry, with a particular look at how to make energy generation, transmission and distribution systems smarter.

The CIO Power Africa Summit is also aiming to lead the way in which the continent’s power sector handles the digital revolution with topics of discussion ranging from the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and

From analytics to IOT, connectivity to cyber security, the CIO Power Summit is the go-to event in Africa to keep up to date with digital transformation and a place for end users to meet with technology companies who are developing tomorrows technologies today,” explains a CIO Power Africa Summit press release. 

The makes the Summit a bit more interesting is the fact that it is not being conducted int he same way as other conferences or exhibitions.

To that end there won’t be any booths or exhibition halls, with the CIO Power Africa Summit instead placing an emphasis on gatherings where delegates can engage more actively with executives in the power sector.

All the themes and topics of our summit are end user driven and are put together by our content committee which consists of our delegation and government relations team who set the hot themes and issues that are currently facing the power industry,” concludes the release.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]