GamePad Digital – better known as simply GPD – has shown off the first image of an upcoming new device from the company.

Unfortunately there’s not much information provided with this reveal, but given that this company has a very linear track record when it comes to what they sell, it wouldn’t surprise us if this is simply a new iteration of one of their existing products.

GPD is known for their handheld devices, especially the Pocket and Win ranges which cram full Windows environments into the smallest bodies possible.

The Pocket 2 was successfully crowdfunded this year so there’s little reason to introduce a new version of that so soon. The smart money is on a new version of the Win, as it’s the company’s flagship device and the original is what put GPD on the map.

The last device that the company currently makes that could conceivably receive an upgrade is the XD, which is a range of clamshell handhelds running Android together with a layout centred on gaming. These devices got a massive boost in capability when the Steam Link app was officially launched and it was found to be a great host for the software.

Going off of the silhouette alone it looks unlike anything GPD has put out before, and the thin connector / hinge in the middle reminds of a portable DVD player.

Regardless of what this device is, why suggest following GPD on Twitter to see future updates, as they provide new information there regularly.

There’s also a good chance that this mystery device goes through crowdfunding too, as most GPD devices do.

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