Whenever a new flagship smartphone is released one of the more divisive elements of the device is whether it sports a 3.5mm headphone jack or not.

Some manufacturers have opted to remove the port from their devices, with the rise of wireless headphones growing to prominence, but others have remained steadfast in their position on headphone jacks.

One such manufacturer has been Samsung, but this could be changing, as reports suggest the South Korean company may be ditching the headphone jack from future flagship phones.

It won’t be happening straightaway, however, with next year’s Samsung Galaxy S10 expected to feature a 3.5mm sized port for audio. But it could very well be the last flagship device to do so from Samsung for the foreseeable future.

The company has already done so for its new premium mid-range Galaxy A8s, which shows Samsung isn’t scared of experimenting.

While the 3.5mm headphone jack could be ditched, it does not mean that there will be no scope for audio on flagship Galaxy phones. As such USB Type-C touting headphones are also a possibility, especially if Samsung does not wish to earn the ire of its loyal consumers.

With USB Type-C replacing microUSB as the go-to standard for charging ports on most new Android phones, using the same port to facilitate headphone inputs would make a lot of sense.

The only question is whether the removal of a headphone jack means Samsung will be making a bigger play for wireless earphones and headphones, as well as whether they’ll be providing USB Type-C earphones in their packaging moving forward.

It’s not something that will affect consumers now, but potentially 12 months from now.

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