There’s a new pair of wireless earphones on the market with the debut of the Skullcandy Push.

The American company, which is usually known for its bright coloured and value for money audio equipment, is calling the Push earphones their first “truly wireless earbuds.”

What that means exactly is unclear, but they do sport on-earbud controls for wearers to adjust audio volume, switch tracks and answer calls. Added to this is the ability to interact with the digital assistant of choice on your smartphone, which allows you to set reminders or send quick reply messages.

In terms of other features the Skullcandy Push can manage up to six hours worth of playback from a single charge, along with coming in their own charing case that can hold an extra six hours for the Push earbuds.

For now the Push comes in one colour, the suitably Skullcandy-named “Psychotropical Teal.” The only real downside to this new offering is the fact that they’re not sweat proof or water-resistant, which mean you cannot wear them to workout.

In terms of price, the Skullcandy Push retails for a recommended $130 (~R1 860) Stateside, but no word just yet on when they’ll be available in South Africa, or indeed how much they’ll cost.