Yesterday GPD released the first official look at its next device by showing off a vague silhouette on Twitter, which was our first look at what we now know as the MicroPC.

This new information comes to us from the YouTube channel The Phawx who has received it directly from GPD itself. We’re more than willing to trust this source as The Phawx revealed similar early information about the Pocket 2.

There’s something to be said about a smaller company like GPD trusting community content creators with early news like this, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The MicroPC is something entirely new from GPD – not only is it straying away from gaming with its input, but it doesn’t even seem to be going after the consumer market.

This is evident by the full size Ethernet and RS-232 ports on the back of the device. It seems that network engineers and similar people are the main demographic here.

The processor is a Intel Celeron N4100 which is apparently why this device took so long to be revealed, as GPD was not able to secure them from Intel due to shortages.

This is paired with 4GB of RAM, a combined 6200mAh battery and a full keyboard with touchpad.

The MicroPC should be hitting Indiegogo on 15th February as a very limited run, selling for $299 (R4 213).

The specifics of the crowdfunding and indeed the MicroPC itself may change once 2019 rolls around.

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